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Hi-tech textiles and Fabric Performance


An introduction to John Field


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Hi-tech textiles and Fabric Performance

John Field strives to work with the best available materials in the market.
These are selected according to the purpose of use of the developed product.
Here are a few of the branded fabrics used in the John Field Collection.


Chamude® man-made leather offers the elegance of real leather while remaining easy to maintain. The soft, fine, silky and smooth features of the fabric provide a unique exclusive look although the fabric presents unchanged properties through rainy weather conditions.



Cordura fabric is a high-tenacity, durable fabric and offers the best results regarding tear and abrasion resistance. Additionally, the material demonstrates extremely lightweight properties.



Droptex technology integrates a windproof membrane within the three laminted fleece fabric making the soft fleece water repellent and windproof.


Isolation 300

Isolation 300 Fleece provides warmth while remaining versatile and light weight. The fabric shows important breathability properties and dries quickly.


Mosquito Protection

Mosquito Protection is a fabric treatment that enables the fabric to repulse mosquitoes, ticks and horseflies. The fabric treatment does not affect the touch, feel or look of the fabric and does not contain any toxic properties. Mosquito finish remains up to 50 washes.

Polartec Power Dry

Polartec Power Dry® features a patented bi-component knit construction that uses different yarns on either side of the fabric. This creates two different surfaces: one that is optimized to move moisture away from the skin, the other to dry quickly.


Pontetorto Ecosystem

Pontetorto-ecosystem fabric range represents Pontetorto’s collection of signature fabrics and new articles created by using recycled polyester, yarns spun from recycled garments and polymers created out of plastic bottles. The fabrics are extremely lightweight and moisture managing.



Primaloft® Sport combines ultra-fine and multi-diameter fibers for specific performance characteristics. The specially treated ultra-fine fibers help to form a water resistant insulating structure, while the multi-diameter fibers help to build loft.



Technopile® advanced fabrics possesses a high heat insulation value although the fabric is warm and light. The fabric enjoys an anti-pilling treatment and shows impressive results regarding abrasion resistance. The technopile fabrics are also highly breathable and stretch to optimize comfort.



The TEX³ product range proposes a vast collection of fabrics issued from an environmental friendly production process. Recycled materials such as Polyester, Polyamide, bamboo etc. are sourced to be processed applying eco-friendly treatments such as the use of lower temperatures for washing, rinsing and dyeing, or the reduced use of water. The coating division operates with an afterburner exhausting the produced gasses. Coating waste is used as a secondary raw material within the cement industry.



Advansa Thermo°Cool™ is designed to optimize the body’s natural thermo-regulation capabilities through smart fibre-cross sections providing evaporative cooling or thermo regulation according to the wearer’s needs.

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